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Mistakes to Avoid While Hiring a Freelance Writer


How many of us don’t like to write? But you know you need a strong message on your website, newsletter or press release. An expert writer can make a big difference. While working with an independent writer should be easy, there can be some bumps along the way. Don’t let these questions get in the way of your plans. Here are some things not to do when hiring employees.

1. Don’t spend time analyzing freelancing in detail. Your independent writers are professionals, right? He or she has done it before, so they understand what your job is, right? Incorrect! Steer clear of freelance writers who don’t discuss your company, product or service in depth with you and the job at hand. Even better, ask for written research into your needs and what you expect from a freelancer before you start work. You’ll be much happier with the outcome of your project if you take the time to make sure you and your partner agree on every detail.

2. Only hire freelance writers who have previously worked for your company. After all, isn’t it easier to work with people who understand your product? maybe not. Writers new to your industry will bring new perspectives to your pitch. Unless you’re selling a highly specialized product, don’t use jargon in your primary marketing message. A strong message is not about the features of your item, but about what your customers will get from it. A good writer will use clear, concise words to convey this.


3. Do independent writers only pay you an hourly rate. Is it better to hire a writer who charges $50 per hour or one who charges $100 per hour? How long it takes depends on how big your job is and how fast your writer works. That ridiculously low hourly wage writer doesn’t look like a good deal if it takes him twice as long to do your job. Some of it comes from what’s been done before, and some of it comes from how each writer works. Before you hire a writer, make sure you know how much he or she will charge and how long the writer thinks the job will take.

4. Thinking you don’t need a freelance writer because you work for a design or advertising agency. Web designers and graphic artists don’t write. If their glossy style doesn’t draw attention to what’s written, you’ll lose customers. Many ad agencies hire their own freelance writers and add the fee to your bill. Avoid these problems by hiring an independent writer whose sole purpose is to help you. High quality design and advertising agencies are happy to work with anyone you bring.


5. Don’t give a hard deadline. It’s easy to think you’re in no hurry and you don’t want to force a writer to write something quickly. But the best writers make your deadline with their names. If your date has problems, they will let you know. Don’t let a writer get to work until you both know when he or she is done. You don’t want your work getting lost in an author’s email inbox.


It is important to avoid common mistakes when hiring an independent writer as they can affect the success of your project. By avoiding these problems, you can ensure that your teamwork runs more smoothly and achieves the desired results. Remember to prioritize clear communication, set reasonable deadlines, consider the overall cost of the project, and appreciate the knowledge of a dedicated writer. Following these steps will help you find a good writer you can trust to get your message across to the right people.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How can I make sure that working with an independent writer goes well?

Keep the lines of communication open throughout the project, give comments on time, and answer any questions or concerns right away. Set up a professional and cooperative partnership to get the results you want.


2. Can I hire an independent writer based only on how much they charge per hour?

Even though hourly rates are important, it’s also important to find out how long the writer thinks the job will take. This will give you a better idea of how much the whole thing will cost and help you make a choice.

3. Do I have to give a freelance writer a lot of information about my business and project?

Yes, a writer needs to know a lot about your business, products, or services in order to understand your brand and write content that fits your needs. When people talk to each other and work together, the results will be better.

4. Should I negotiate with the writer about the timeline, or should I just go with what they suggest?

It’s important to talk about goals and agree on what they mean. Talk to the writer about the timeline you want, and take their advice into account based on their workload and other responsibilities. Try to set a limit that is reasonable and doable.

5. How do I know if an independent writer has enough experience in the field?

Even though business experience can be helpful, it’s just as important to see how well a writer can adapt and communicate your message. Check out their website and ask for writing samples to see how they write and what skills they have.